4:00 PM
Times Center Hall

Cross Screen Summit

Today’s consumer engages with content across all screens. Content is expected anytime, anywhere without exception. Traditional consumption habits have completely gone by the way side. This deep dive into Cross Screen consumption reveals the opportunities for marketers who can deliver solutions across all screens.

4:00 PM - 4:20 PM: Screen Jumping: Understanding Today's Cross-Screen Consumer
Jumptap will unveil new insights produced with comScore that dive into the behavior of today's fluid media consumer. Learn how to best to engage with these digital omnivores across mobile, tablet and PC.

Jon Cooke, Director of Sales, Jumptap
Dr. Michele Madansky, Independent Research Consultant

Presented by Jumptap

4:20 PM - 5:05 PM: Don't Change the Channel, Change the Data Strategy
More brands are pushing into cross-channel marketing, but how are they determining which channels really deserve their budgets? Join Digiday editor Jack Marshall and Joshua Koran, SVP of Product Management at Turn, in a discussion with brands about how they are prioritizing their communications and the key role that data can play.

Moderator: Jack Marshall, Editor, Digiday
Craig Elbert, VP of Marketing, Bonobos
Joshua Koran, SVP of Product Management, Turn
Steven Rosenblatt, CRO, Foursquare

Presented by Turn

5:05 PM - 6:00 PM: Cross-Screen Roundtable
Cross-screen experts discuss delivering content and relevant messaging to today's anytime, any place consumers.

Moderator: Stuart Sproule, President, TBWA\Digital Arts Network
John Bernardo, VP & Director, Integrated Content, The Story Lab
Ittai Shiu, Executive Director, Product Strategy & Operations, Exponential
Jeff Gerttula, GM, CBSSports.com
Lovina McMurchy, GM, Skype

Steven Rosenblatt CRO, FOURSQUARE
John Bernardo VP and Director, Integrated Content, THE STORY LAB
Jon Cooke Director of Sales, JUMPTAP
Craig Elbert VP of Marketing, BONOBOS
Joshua Koran SVP of Product Management, TURN
Dr. Michele Madansky Independent Research Consultant, MICHELE MADANSKY CONSULTING
Jack Marshall Editor, DIGIDAY
Ittai Shiu Executive Director, Product Strategy & Operations, EXPONENTIAL
Stuart Sproule President, TBWA\DIGITAL ARTS NETWORK